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At Heartprints, most client sessions involve only groundwork (not riding.) A session can take place in the horse's stall, in the barn aisle, in the arena, or even while leading the horse around the ranch. The choice is the client's to make. Sessions typically last between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Clients are welcome to find a quiet spot around the ranch before or after their session to relax. reflect, and soak in the views. Come as you are, but please remember to wear close toed shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.


Private Sessions

During Equine Assisted Coaching sessions, individuals embark on a deeply personal journey of self-exploration. The client and their equine companion establish a unique bond. By observing the interaction between the client and horse, a skilled coach serves as both guide and witness to the transformative process.  


Group Sessions

Beyond the intimate space of private coaching, Equine Assisted Coaching also welcomes those who are looking to find strength in community and shared experiences. Group sessions gather kindred spirits in a circle of support and growth.    

Group Equine Assisted Coaching sessions are not only about self-discovery but also about understanding the dynamics of human interaction. The horses, sensitive to the energy of the group, serve as impartial observers, highlighting group dynamics and communication patterns. Participants learn the art of effective collaboration, leadership, and teamwork through their interactions with these majestic creatures.

Sessions can be booked just about any agreed upon time. Our typical hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Saturday. However, we realize that challenges don't adhere to prescribed times and days, so we will do our best to work with your schedule beyond those times/days. Sessions cost $85 each. Group sessions will be priced accordingly on the size of the group.

To inquire or book your session, please email or call/text (480) 409-4555

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