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Meet The Humans


Deborah Steinbrink, a certified Equine Assisted Coach, blends resilience and empathy into her unique approach to healing. Her experiences watching family members struggle with addiction and anxiety has given her deep compassion and the ability to provide non-judgmental support, a cornerstone of her practice in facilitating healing and growth.
At her serene ranch, she employs the therapeutic potential of horses to foster emotional and personal development in her clients. Deb's path, influenced by her belief in divine guidance, includes acquiring her ranch and her training through Stephen Ministry and the Freedom Way, reflecting her alignment with what she believes is God's plan.
As an Equine Assisted Coach, Deb not only excels in horsemanship but also in creating an environment conducive to self-exploration and tackling personal challenges. Her methods, focusing on the human-horse relationship, have effectively supported clients in their personal and professional journeys.
Deb extends her expertise to the community, organizing workshops and events to share her knowledge and inspire others to find their true potential and live authentically. Guided by the principle of being a supportive vessel, her work epitomizes her commitment to healing and growth. Deb's story reflects her unwavering faith, her profound bond with nature and animals, and her dedication to aiding others in overcoming life's obstacles.



Jess’ relationship with horses began at a young age; beginning with riding lessons at 8 years old. As her horse experience grew, she recognized the personal growth and healing she found in being around horses. Her desire to share this transformative and powerful experience with others, shaped her educational and professional journey.


In pursuit of making a positive impact and enhancing her client’s lives, Jess achieved her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from the Ohio State University, with minors in Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Equine Sciences. Her education and exposure to different therapeutic techniques, including equine therapy, and her passion for horses, motivated her to obtain her certification as an Equine Assisted Coach. Jess’ grasp of the human-horse connection has supported the growth and development of her clients and help her clients get to the root of the challenges they’re facing.


Jessica’s dedication, passion and highly skilled experience creates a safe and transformative environment for her clients. Through experiential activities with horses, she helps individuals develop self-awareness, improve communication skills, build confidence, and exposes them to the other many benefits of equine connection.


Jayne is a 19 year old horse fanatic, and our Equine Experience Intern. Born and raised in North Dakota, Jayne started riding Morgan and Quarter horses 14 years ago. Her mother tried to get her into other sports, such as gymnastics, dance, swimming, hockey, and softball- but her heart was set, and she always ran back to horses. She fell in love with the way horses made her feel. "I fell in love with the way you can feel them staring back at you, and understanding what you’re thinking. It’s an unbeatable experience to connect with a 1000lbs animal who can read your next thought before you’ve read it yourself, and that’s why I do what I do."

During middle and high school, Jayne really struggled with her mental health. "I was depressed, never wanted to go out, stressed because of assignments, and the pressure of needing good grades to pass." Jayne found her escape at the barn. Spending time with her horse gave her a chance to breathe and take a break, and she felt like her horse carried her pain while she was around him. "As my body grows older, horses keep my heart young & happy, and that’s why I made the decision to spend the rest of my life being around them."

While Jayne is not directly involved in coaching sessions, she is an invaluable member of our team; keeping our horses and facilities in their best condition. 


Meet The Horses



Clyde is a 5 year old Quarter horse, Arabian cross. Clyde is a bit of a class clown; he’s always looking to play with someone or a new toy. He is VERY food motivated and will eat just about anything, so watch your fingers. We love Clyde for his silly personality and his signature stuck out tongue smile.


Finn is a 11 year old purebred Arabian gelding, who competed in halter and hunter pleasure classes. Now a retired show horse, Finn enjoys his daily turnouts; so much

that he lets himself out of his stall when we’re not

watching. His favorite snacks are carrots,

peppermints, and cookies.



Idol is a 16 year old Morgan/Arabian gelding. Idol is a western pleasure champion and an absolute

goofball. He’ll never say no to cuddles and won’t let you

walk past his stall without saying hello. If you give him a

snack, listen closely; you might just hear him sucking

every last crumb off of his tongue.


Rio is a 4 year old, purebred Arabian gelding. Around the barn, he is affectionately known as "Baby Rio" or "Baby Dragon". Like every toddler, Rio has to put everything in his mouth and is always getting into shenanigans. We love his silly, weird personality and the energy he brings to the herd.



Catch is the newest member of the Heartprints team. We're guessing that he's around 6 years old, and he certainly acts his age! Catch earned his name because sometimes he can love his turnout time a little too much and he can give us a run for our money trying to bring him in at the end of the day. This little guy is super sweet and loves neck scratches. He's quickly becoming one of our favorites!


Walt & Woody

Meet our 5 year old donkey brothers! These boys are the newest addition to the Heartprints team and are living proof that good things come in small packages! Walt has more gray than Woody, and is a little shy. Woody on the other hand will let you brush him all day long (especially if you have



Jerry & Cheeto

Be on the lookout for these two troublemakers; you never know where you might find them! Jerry is convinced that he should be a full time house cat, but Cheeto loves to hangout in the barn aisle! Both kitties love attention so make sure to give them a scratch.


Bennet, Smoky, & Buck

These three are the official welcome wagon and love to be involved with everything happening on the ranch. Bennett and Buck are aussiedoodle brothers who love to try and herd the horses around. Smoky is the biggest attention hound you’ll ever meet.

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