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Our Mission

At Heartprints, we believe in the healing power of horses. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations develop personal and professional skills through Equine Coaching, while promoting emotional well-being and personal growth. Our business is family owned and operated, and we provide a beautiful property where people can come and heal, utilizing certified staff and horses for equine assisted coaching. What sets Heartprints apart from other equine coaching businesses is that it is family owned and operated, providing a healing environment with beloved animals and a beautiful property.


Support for the Journey

Nestled within the rugged and sun-kissed landscapes of Cave Creek, Arizona, rests a tranquil haven known as Heartprints Equine.

Here, against the backdrop of Elephant Butte, our Equine  Assisted  Coaching  offers mentorship, guidance, and a path to healing for those in need of  social/emotional support.   

The heart and soul of our  practice are the horses themselves.  The  reflective,  judgement  free  presence of  these  remarkable creatures make  them  the  perfect  partners  in  assisting  clients  to  work  through  challenges.  Horses  have  an acute sense, an innate ability to interact with people, and connect on a profound emotional level.  It is as if they could read the deepest recesses of the human soul.

Professionalism and Experience


We are a team of professionally trained, and certified Equine  Assisted Coaches who understand how to apply coaching as an inspired and intuitively directed activity, not scripted or calculated.  Coupled with years of experience nurturing our Arabian horses, we are inspired to help our community, share our love of  these  noble creatures, and create a sanctuary of refuge and support.

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