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We Believe
in the
Healing Power
of Horses.

We are here for those who:

- Are drawn to horses and are looking for a

profound change through the healing of horses.

- Have been in counseling or therapy for a while

and are seeking additional support. 

- In need of grounding during a transitional phase, such as a divorce, career change, loss, etc. 


What is Equine Assisted Coaching?

Equine Assisted Coaching consists of a client, a coach, and a horse joining together to help the client work through life challenges. Horses are extremely sensitive to the emotional energy around them. Because of this they are excellent at reflecting and helping us to process our feelings without judgement. Grief, depression, anger, addiction, PTSD, really any social/emotional challenge can be addressed. There is no "set" course for a session. The collaboration between the client, coach, and horse is unique and organic. Because of this flexibility, all ages can benefit from Equine Assisted Coaching. Family and group sessions can promote team building, resolve conflict, create cooperation and unity. 


Equine Coaching Services

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions


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